What are Your HRT Options?

Mar 1, 2022

If you still have your uterus, you will need to take progesterone as well as estrogen in order to help protect your uterus lining from potential uterine cancer.

However, if you’ve had a hysterectomy you usually only need the estrogen element of HRT and this type of  treatment can actually reduce your breast cancer risk! 

*It is not uncommon to be prescribed Progesterone after a hysterectomy for other medical reasons but not usually necessary*

There are many types of HRT and it can be taken in a variety of formats: For example:

  • Gels (eg: Sandrena or Oestrogel)
  • Combined patches (eg: Evorel Sequi if you still have periods or Evorel Conti if you don’t)
  • Combined tablets (eg: Femoston, Elleste, Bijuve)
  • Estrogen only patches (Eg: Estradot)
  • Estrogen only tablets (eg: Elleste Solo)
  • Lenzetto spray
*Doses are of course based on individual circumstances


Please remember that you need progesterone as well as estrogen unless you have had a hysterectomy. Combined tablets, Evorel Sequi and Conti have progesterone included but otherwise you will need a Mirena coil or an oral progesterone included in your regime.

You may already know women who love their particular type of HRT but your choice of HRT is exactly that; Your choice!…so try to consider what works for you and when you need more help, you can ask me!

You need to discuss the best option for you with your doctor, as your personal medical history will have an impact on your choice.

Both the patches and the gel are transdermal (enter the body via the skin) which are great options.

Gels and Patches bypass your gut so there will be less likelihood of any stomach issues and there is no blood clot risk with transdermal options; but as always it has to work for you.

There’s no point in you taking something whilst feeling anxious about it or unhappy with your choice.

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