Testosterone for Women

Apr 5, 2023

NHS Guidance April 2022

Women have 3 hormones to consider: Estrogen, Progesterone and also Testosterone. (not everyone knows about the third one!)

Testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands in larger quantities than Estrogen, and it’s a vital hormone.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels are: 

Low self worth/mood

Low motivation

Low libido

Low pleasure levels

Brain fog

Bone loss

Decreased muscle strength

Memory changes

As you can imagine, these symptoms may also be due to low estrogen levels so the usual practice for your doctor will be to make sure your estrogen levels are all looking good before addressing the testosterone.

It’s still quite challenging to find support for low testosterone levels in women and in the UK you’re likely to need to visit a private doctor to access the female testosterone cream (Androfeme), although you may have a GP who is prepared to prescribe a testosterone gel for you which is only regulated for men, but the dose can be altered to suit female needs. (Testogel, Tostran or Testim are common in the UK)

Example Female Doses of Testosterone Supplements:


This comes in small packets or in a pump dispenser.

The female dose is:

One packet should last 8 days (40.5mg packs) so a pea sized blob every day should do it OR with the pump dispenser it is 2 pumps a week.


The female dose is 2-3 pumps a week


This is much stronger than the other products so is only a total of one pump per week


This is only available privately as it is currently not licensed to be manufactured in the UK

You will receive a measuring syringe and the dose is 0.5ml per day

Supplement Guidance (Tostran) Jan 2020

If you would like to discuss your symptoms and plan the best path to access testosterone; please book a consultation or review to get the process started. 


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