Stepping into your Female Wellness for 2024!

Imagine you had a way to curate your life and wellness whilst also being part of a supportive community whom you can talk to about your most intimate health problems. (Nothing is too intimate in my communities!)

Imagine how your life would change if you were able to just get on with… well… getting on…without worrying about your health every day, rather than trying to just get by!

Well you’re in the right place now my friend. Let’s see how we can work together to get you sorted. 

Imagine how lovely it would be to have a plan with access to relevant resources and expert support.

I’ll be honest! … I’m a total HRT smarty pants and very proud to be trusted by many thousands of women across the globe, to help them thrive.

Meta Awarded and CPD Approved, I founded Menopausal Not Mad, The HRT Truth Collective and The P.A.S.T System to help and guide as many women with their menopause challenges as I possibly can, and now I reach and work with women across 100 countries.

But you don’t care about that..You just want to feel well and in control of your hormones and long term health.

I hear you my friend and I’ve got your back.


Jane x

Jane Pangbourne – Founder of Menopausal Not Mad

VIP Health

VIP Health with Jane

Online Community

This community membership is for you if:

You’re looking for more, easy to access, verified HRT and menopause health guidance.

You’re overwhelmed with all the information out there!

You want to take control of your own health, but aren’t sure where to start.

You would like to be part of a community of action taking like minded women who have also committed to their long term health


You would like access to my expert guidance on a regular basis because we’re all different and I know how to help.


Menopause Madness to Hormone Happiness

Online Course

An easy to digest online course to move you to hormone happiness and future wellness

This course gives you the tools to take back control of your wellness, including key HRT guidance.


If you’re ready to feel well during peri and post menopause then this is the course for you.


Delivered in easy to digest downloadable PDFs and covering all the things I wish I’d known when I was peri menopausal at aged 37!



You’ll receive my free health downloads, free e.planner and bonus module.

VIP Health

“If Nothing Changes….
Nothing Changes!”

Find your Wellness Roadmap with the P.A.S.T System

Maybe you need help with your ongoing menopause symptoms

Maybe your HRT regime isn’t behaving or you’ve received unhelpful advice to date

Maybe you have no idea what you need!

Maybe you need an expert and a plan!

My unique trademarked system is the result of years of research and first hand experience of over 30 years working within the personal development and health space, including 6 years of working within the areas of menopause and HRT.

P.A.S.T covers the 4 key elements of building blocks to get you on track:

Patience – Action – Support – Time

It offers a perfect blend of expert coaching, individual support and longer term action planning, which will be your map to wellbeing, future health and happiness.

*I only have a very limited number of places available every year to ensure I am able to give my full energy to you every month.


The Wellness Mastermind in Tenerife

In Person Event in September 2024

You’re looking for more…

MORE individual information

MORE opportunity to ask questions

More expert advice and support

MORE face to face interaction with the menopause community

Just MORE!

The Wellness Mastermind is a great chance to connect with me and other women all looking to step into their wellness.

The HRT Educator Programme

Do you want to help women with their HRT and menopause queries?

Next Programme starts early 2025 – Please email to be added to the waiting list

Being part of the HRT expert guidance community is a unique and rewarding position to hold.

As HRT educators, we remove the confusion and fear around menopause and HRT for all our clients, by providing them with up to date information and recommendations to enable them to safely and easily manage their menopause, HRT regimes and medical appointments.

Do you want to offer a life changing service to women?

Of course it takes commitment and time to develop the skills and experience needed.

This programme is a huge part of that!

It’s such an important role and the rewarding feeling to help women to be the best they can be is priceless!

ADHD & Menopause Course: COMING in 2024



“The session was so helpful! Jane’s knowledge is phenomenal and she really put me at ease. I feel so much more confident in approaching my doctor now! Thank you!…And if you do stars, then it’s 5 ⭐️”

Caroline: (Client & Group member)

My doctor was very happy with your recommendations.

She said I had clearly done my research. I told her I knew a brilliant lady who’d done it for me!

Anonymous (2020)

Contacting you was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Your help and knowledge have been invaluable. I am confident I will soon be back to my former self

Lisa (2021)

Downloadable Resources

I do love to write and that might be a post on social media, a blog, a download, or a general guide to help you to help yourself!

So why not take a look at the resources section and start with the downloads

What’s the worst that can happen?

You may even find the answer to your health challenge!

Now that would be REALLY useful eh?

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