Nightwear & Loungewear by Cyberjammies

I completely LOVE Cyberjammies!

I discovered them in mid 2022 (I was a bit late to the party) when I wanted some lovely comfy (but not frumpy) pyjamas to take to hospital for after my upcoming hysterectomy and bowel prolapse repair.

I was not disappointed and have loved loved loved them ever since.

Soft, slouchy loungewear was my choice and just being complimented by the nurses on how nice I looked soon after surgery, was such a self esteem boost (we all need that!)

I will often curl up with a film and a snack in my Cyberjammies so when the team approached me to step into my menopause world to help more women feel great; how could I refuse?

If you click the below button and use the code MENOPAUSALNOTMAD at checkout you’ll receive a 10% discount on your entire order.

My gift to you

Jane x

Why are Cyberjammies so Lovely?

They are dedicated to being sustainable and ethical in everything they do; from super soft sustainable fabrics to ensuring their factories produce their nightwear in the most ethical ways.
They have created both bold and beautiful prints alongside soft tones.

I even wear my loungwear trousers on a warm day relaxing in the garden!

With new options every season to ensure you have something exciting to brighten up your wardrobe and relaxation time, you’ll always have something lovely to select.

Pressing pause on hectic everyday life and finding beauty in unplugged moments; whether that be an evening or morning routine, cuddling in matching pyjamas or getting a better night’s sleep.

It’s my preferred choice these days.

If you visit the website on the button below and use the code MENOPAUSALNOTMAD at checkout you’ll receive a 10% discount on your entire order.


Cyberjammies are UK based but continue to grow a customer base across Europe, Canada and worldwide. They strive to provide an exceptional customer experience no matter where you’re located.

Menopause Positive

This impactful brand are working with Menopausal Not Mad to help raise menopause awareness and to offer support to those experiencing night sweats, bloating, or seeking comfort through their soft and appealing nightwear range.


Their nightwear is created with the highest quality fabric and the lowest environmental impact by using a modal and BCI cotton blend. This signature modal fabric is made from sustainable wood pulp and BCI cotton plans to reduce the environmental footprint of cotton farming.

and…All packaging is plastic free!


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