The Menopause & HRT Course

The VIP Health Membership 

Are you are just sick of feeling like half a person?

Do you need someone to guide you who totally gets it?

Do you need advice and support … errr.. when you need it?

Well hurray for that! because VIP Health is a budding community of women who have committed to their health and just want more from life.

I love my role helping you to get on with getting on.

As a women’s health practitioner, nutritionist and trauma informed coach with over 30 years experience of working within the area of personal development, I’m all about female hormones and intimate health.

One member recently said:

I just love knowing that you’re there for us if we need you. It helps me face the day with more confidence. You’re like a safety net which helps me breathe a little sigh

(Member since June 2023)

You can access me and my community for only £17.00 per month


What is VIP Health?

Your membership gives you exclusive access to expert HRT help on tap and there are regular HOT SEAT opportunities where members can book a free group video seat to receive individual health attention.

And you have access to…

Expert guidance on dealing with a wider range of women’s health challenges

Regular live video teachings and resources

Priority access to consultations and reviews

Discounts on events and courses and much more…

All for only £17.00 per month

What the VIP members say

“I think the group is amazing

Sarah (Member since July 2023)

“The VIP Health group is amazing value! ”  (Senior clinical member since Jan 2024)

“I love the privacy and there’s always support if I need it ”

Mary (Member from September 2023)

“You’re my confidante about all things menopausal. I have learned so much in the free community but felt I wanted more privacy and I feel safe in this group!” 

Helen (Member from June 2023)

“As someone who delivers customer service professionally, I have clear expectations of what great experiences look and feel like. Jane absolutely nails this every time. Genuine, personable, accessible, pre-empting my needs, checking in and asking for feedback, all with authenticity and finesse. It really doesn’t get much better than this”

(Karen: Member from June 2023)

Here’s Why People Join

We are complex beings but looking after our bodies doesn’t need to be complex.

I am totally practical and solution focussed so the advice and guidance is honest, authentic and of course totally based on evidence and experience.

You can read more about my experiences HERE

Here are some of the reasons my community tell me they are here…

"I trust that you know what I need"
"My doctor just goes by whatever you recommend"
"I love that you make our health good fun too"
"I love your approach"

The VIP Group is a safe space!

It offers totally practical and fact based advice

And you have access to…

Expert guidance on dealing with numerous women’s health challenges

Regular video sessions 

Priority access to consultations and reviews

Discounts on events and courses

*Only £17 a month 

Monthly Membership: £17.00 per month (no contract)

Group T&Cs

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