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VIP Health with Jane

New to our support family for Summer 2023!

VIP Health with Jane is a monthly subscription Facebook group; run directly by me..HRT educator Jane Pangbourne.

Learn how I moved from anxious and ill to positive and thriving

A few years ago I decided that I wasn’t prepared to be part of the online communities where members were fed untruths and where negativity was permitted and often encouraged.

This was just too mind cluttering and stressful for me and I knew women and their families deserved better!

As a Women’s Health Practitioner, with over 30 years experience of working within the area of personal development, I am all about female hormones and intimate health.

I am known to be practical, solution focussed and quite simply I get the job done!

I have a no nonsense approach to supporting you with (as a client once said)… “a bubble of hope”

What is VIP Health with Jane all about?

When you just need more..

Since 2019, my HRT community has grown and flourished across nearly 100 countries and we have helped many thousands of women to grow and take back control of their health and hormones.

My community members feel like they know me and they really do as I love to overshare! and it’s fabulous to play a small part in helping each member transform from anxious and ill to becoming confident and crushing it!

Nowadays I surround myself with great people who want the best for everyone so we only do facts and nice in my groups!

This community is new for 2023 and is a bit different to our HRT community (although we talk about HRT a lot!).

In VIP Health with Jane, your exclusive membership gives you access to a wide range of support and guidance, including HRT help, chat opportunities about health topics you want to talk about like supplements, pelvic pain, bleeding, anxiety and much more.

There are free downloads and of course a fabulous community of women in the same boat as you!

You always receive fact based support and content around women’s health; including menopause, with opportunity to speak directly to me during short live sessions.


This unique new Facebook group, currently offers you lifetime membership at a reduced monthly fee of only £12.00 per month (inc U.K vat)

If you prefer to pay your membership 12 months in advance, you’ll also receive two month’s membership totally free only pay for 10 months!

Why do I want you in here?

It’s a fair question to ask!

My aim is always to help as many women as I can which is kind of hard on a one to one basis as there’s only one of me!

Everyone has a different reason for needing guidance, support, factual health tips and a safe community space to visit….

Perhaps your doctor is not taking your menopausal symptoms seriously

Maybe you have been told that HRT is really bad and it’s scared you?

You could be feeling alone and misunderstood after surgery or a health scare and just need a safe place to be

If you’re peri or post menopausal you have questions but WHERE can you go to receive an honest answer?

I think you know what I’m going to say to that.

We are forward thinking and solution focused so you’re in the right place.

What did one of our new members say?

“I think the group is amazing

Sarah (Founding group member July 2023)

Here’s Why People Join

We are complex beings but looking after our bodies doesn’t need to be complex.

We are toally practical and solution focussed here at Menopausal Not Mad so the advice and guidance in here is honest, authentic and of course totally based on evidence and experience.

Here are some of the reasons our community tell us they are here…

"I trust that you know what I need"
"My doctor just goes by whatever you recommend"
"I love that you make our health good fun too"
"It's such a great idea and I love your approach"

Why Join

VIP Health with Jane?


Private and safe


Access to expert HRT guidance


Access to expert female health guidance


A thriving and supportive community


Simplifying the science


Live video support opportunities


Guest speakers


Chat rooms (safely moderated)


Priority free downloads


Challenges with prizes!


Monthly live 'menopause musings'

Our VIP Group….

is a safe and honest space

It offfers totally practical and fact based advice

Has proactive & clear moderation

And you have access to…

Expert guidance on dealing with women’s health challenges

Regular live video calls (also recorded for watching later)

Free downloads on topics you actually need to understand

Community live events!

Guest expert speakers on numerous health topics

Discounts on courses

And much more…

*You can sign up to join us on one of the yellow buttons and it’s currently only £12 a month for life or £120 for 12 months for life if you can cope with any more excitement! 

*This fee will be increasing for 2024

What did another of our new members say?

“Absolutely excellent free download this month! Thank you for putting it together ”

Rachel (Founding group member August 2023)

You can have a real input and say in the content and your lifetime reduced monthly fee is only £12.00 per month (inc U.K vat) whilst you remain an ongoing member.

After a while the price will be £30.00 per month (inc U.K vat)

*If you are UK vat registered then you are able to reclaim the 20% UK vat

Your Health is the VIP

Let’s make her happy…

Pay Annually (£120)

12 months membership for the price of 10!

Pay Monthly

Only £12 Per Month!