Menopausal Not Mad Courses

Online Courses:

We work hard over here to make sure we’re on point with global HRT and wellness updates so if you need women’s health and HRT help… we’ve got you my friend.

Since 2020 we have built a successful community support service across nearly 100 countries, received a META (Facebook) community award in 2022 and have now launched new courses to make sure we are offering the most flexible and diverse support possible.


Menopause Madness to Hormone Happiness

Online Course (8 modules plus a bonus module):

Menopause Madness to Hormone Happiness is our newest little menopausal joy!

In this online course you will learn about:

Menopause, HRT, Nutrition, Exercise and much more!

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The modules can be completed in your own time and they’re easy to digest.

What’s not to like?!

When you complete this programme you’ll know what you need to know to start geting on with.. well you know… getting on.

If you’re new to menopause, HRT and women’s wellness, or you just need some further reassurance that you’re doing everything you can to feel your best, then this course is right up your hormonal street!

The HRT Educator Programme

Online & Live Interaction Programme (9 month programme)

Are you passionate about HRT?

Being part of the expert HRT community is a unique and rewarding place to be.

As HRT educators, we remove the confusion and fear around menopause and HRT for all our clients, by providing them with up to date information and individualised recommendations to enable them to safely and easily manage their HRT regimes and medical appointments.

This programme is totally unique and will enable you to change lives!

After completing the programme you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to start to help women with their HRT worries and challenges, including how to set up your own support service and build your own community.

*This programme is CPD Accredited but does not result in a medical qualification. We are HRT educators and women’s health practitioners. We do not prescribe medication and medical advice is always recommended.

Next programme starts early 2025.

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