Supplements by Better You

Here at Menopausal Not Mad (MNM), we love HRT but we are also huge fans of healthy living and nutrition; which includes making sure you have the best supplements for your needs, rather than a stack of random multi vitamins and supplements that will likely have more of the things you don’t need and not enough of what you do need!

After many years of research and our own personal testing and use of the products, we now collaborate with Better You who hold the same ethos and integrity as we do so we are very happy to be part of their world.

“I have recommended the Better You brand for many years and use their products myself on a regular basis”

Supplements are absorbed very well in spray format and are excellent for gut health as there is less for the gut to process, so where possible I aim for oral sprays when supplements are needed.

I have personally selected my best options from the Better You range, to aid your lifelong health; including a vegan oral spray option and a magnesium sensitive body spray for those who need some extra care.

I have also selected some excellent testing packages which include a free supplement spray for extra value. (I do love a freebie!)

These products all fit well with my whole body approach of only taking necessary supplements rather than a raft of random multivitamins

Jane x

The key to excellent gut health and a healthy microbiome is primarily to have good nutrition; which includes a wide variety of whole foods and a minimal amount of processed foods but when you need some extra support then supplements are a great top up.

Many of the recommended products use plant based or recycled ocean plastics for their packaging which really pushes our eco friendly button!

The products are all available for delivery to most countries except Israel, Chile, Thailand, Austria and Russia.

All vitamins and supplements should be taken with guidance from your practitioner as some will be contraindicated with other medications or may not be relevant to your needs.


We only recommend products or organisations that we personally value and feel will help our community. We sometimes receive a small commission from our partners but this never costs you more and will usually result in you receiving a discount when you use our links.

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“A week ago I ordered several Better You oral sprays from the Menopausal Not Mad site. (Vitamins D, B-Complex, Iron and C, plus a magnesium spray)

So chuffed with these products so far! My gut doesn’t do well with tablets so I have been delighted to find these oral sprays instead. The magnesium spray is just wonderful too!”

Rena Jackson – HRT Truth Collective Group Member (Jan 2023)

“I have mentioned this often, but I do love the Better You magnesium body gel which I use during the day and Better You lavender magnesium sleep spray at night.

Most of my Fibromyalgia symptoms have gone so these are now part of my health regime”

Tina Chambers (VIP Health group member) (June 2023)