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I hope you know that I’m a huge HRT advocate but sometimes we need extra support as the HRT regime settles or when things are not quite as balanced as we would like.

Some women also choose not to take HRT or they need to temporarily or permanently stop their HRT for a variety of reasons and those night sweats can be pretty debilitating!

I love a bit of science and this innovative anti sweat bedding has been designed to provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and cooling, ensuring a restful night’s sleep, whilst keeping you chemical free.

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How does Cool Embrace Help?

This premium range of cooling bedding works to keep you cool all night without the use of chemicals or synthetic coatings. It’s perfect for controlling night sweats or just to cool you down on those warmer nights.

The range includes cooling blankets and cooling pillowcases which work by moving heat away from the body to help prevent sweating whilst you sleep.

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Our review of Cool Embrace

Over here at Menopausal Not Mad we’re very picky about who and what we choose to recommend and the list is pretty short… yes I’m an arse about such things!

I recently tested the pillow cases and even though I’m a pretty good sleeper and I’m hormonally balanced, so no hot flushes as such, I can honestly say it’s been a long time since I had a full 7-8 hours sleep with no waking up in the night. 
The first night I used these pillow cases, I slept from 11pm-7.15am with no break… then as it was a weekend I turned over and slept another hour!
I think that’s a win!

Jane x

Different to similar products

It effectively dissipates heat away from the body, stopping the build up of moisture on the skin before sweating occurs

Always effective

Never loses effectiveness even after several washes

Always comfortable

Keeps you comfortable all night as the unique layer of fabrics within the blankets and pillowcases means the sweat is wicked away through the fabric rather than being held within it until washing.


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