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I know why you’re here… I see you searching for help with your anxiety, low mood, itchy skin, erratic periods, ringing ears …OR.. any blend of the 40+ menopausal symptoms you have to choose from!

I understand! and over here at Menopausal Not Mad, we’re passionate about hormones, HRT and women’s health.

Whatever your age, your hormones and gynae health are so important.

Whether that’s being able to sleep at night (that may seem like a distant memory right now!), not feeling angry all the time, or simply being motivated to do what you want to do; Your hormones play a big part.

We remove the fear and confusion around menopause and HRT and we LOVE what we do!

I didn’t always look as chirpy as I am in this picture!

If you want to know more about my journey and experience then you can click on the link if you scroll down to the next section.

So have a browse, join the community and let’s get you sorted.

*META Awarded (2022-23) for contributions to the global community

Much love and practical positivity

Jane x

What Do I Do?

I founded Menopausal Not Mad® and The HRT Truth Collective® , as a progression from my 30+ years working within the personal growth industry and my own experiences of being peri and now post menopausal.

I spend my time dispelling myths about HRT and menopause whilst quickly getting to the bottom of your hormone challenges.

I’ve been where you are now and more recently had a total hysterectomy, where it transpired I also had an ovarian cancer! so that was a bit of a curve ball.

I am a pragmatic solution finder and you will come to me to be guided with honesty, evidence based advice and total authenticity.

I love my role even though I’m told I must be a little odd to enjoy working with thousands of menopausal women! BUT I love it!

VIP Health with Jane

VIP Health with Jane is my exclusive subscription membership group

When you join me in here, your commitment to your health gives you access to my expert HRT and health support and guidance all week, all year.

In this community group you have exclusive access to:

  • Free priority resource downloads
  • Live group video support calls
  • Free Challenges
  • Unique video resources
  • Advice on many female health issues inc: Mindset, HRT, Hysterectomy & Speaking with your doctor
  • You also receive priority accesss to discounted pricing for consultations, events & courses

Download the top 10 reasons to join VIP Health with Jane

VIP Health
VIP Health

The HRT Truth Collective (Facebook group)

When you need a space for evidence based HRT information, along comes The HRT Truth Collective!

The group was founded in 2020 and has been awarded by META for its impact on the community.

A free friendly community offering HRT information; with evidence and experience at the heart of all we do.

“If Nothing Changes….
Nothing Changes!”

Menopause Madness to Hormone Happiness: Online Course


ONLY £179 including bonus module, e.planner & free downloads, for all 2023 sign ups

More Ways I can Help 

If you need expert and empathetic guidance on your HRT regime, your mindset or your overall wellness during peri and post menopause then look no further. I LOVE all the challenges we face as it means I get to help you! 

I work across the whole of Menopausal Not Mad so have a limited diary of 1:1 availability but there are lots of ways I can help and I do love a community so never fear… help is here.

Downloadable Resources

I do love to write and that might be a post on social media, a blog, a download, or a general guide to help you to help yourself!

So why not take a look at our resources section and start with the downloads?

What’s the worst that can happen?

You may even find the answer to your health challenge!

Now that would be REALLY useful eh?

Free HRT & Menopause!

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