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I know why you’re here… I see you searching for help with your anxiety, low mood, itchy skin, erratic periods, ringing ears …OR.. any blend of the 40+ menopausal symptoms you have to choose from!

I understand! and luckily I’m passionate about hormones, HRT and women’s health.

Whatever your age, your hormones and gynae health are so important.

Whether that’s being able to sleep at night (that may seem like a distant memory right now!), not feeling angry all the time, or simply being motivated to do what you want to do; Your hormones play a big part.

I remove the fear and confusion around menopause and HRT and totally LOVE my role!


So! have a browse, join the VIP Health community and let’s get you sorted.

Much love and practical positivity

*META Awarded (2022-23) for contributions to the global community

The VIP Health Membership

When you join me in my exclusive membership, your commitment to your health gives you access to my expert health support and guidance for only £17.00 per month.

  • Priority resource downloads
  • Live hot seat support calls
  • Advice on many female health issues inc: Mindset, HRT and Nutrition
  • You also receive priority accesss & discounts to events & courses
VIP Health
VIP Health

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One of the most effective ways to start taking back control of your health and wellbeing is by becoming more informed with simple information that you can refer back to at any time you need it.

I have a very neuodivergent mind so I totally understand the overwhelm with all the menopause and health info out there!

You’ll never see complex in my downloads, e.books and planners as I make it my job to simplify everything so you don’t have to.

If you want a low cost way to get yourself on the right path then visit my Etsy shop and get started.

*META Awarded (2022-23) for contributions to the global community

“If Nothing Changes….
Nothing Changes!”

I founded Menopausal Not Mad® as a progression from my 30+ years working within the personal growth industry and developed my impactful, no nonsense approach to helping and guiding you, based on years of lived experience, research, training and client consultations.

I spend my time dispelling myths about HRT and menopause whilst quickly getting to the bottom of your hormone challenges.

I’ve been where you are now.

More Ways I can Help 

If you need expert and empathetic guidance on your HRT regime, your mindset or your overall wellness during peri and post menopause then look no further. I LOVE all the challenges we face as it means I get to help you! 

I work across the whole of Menopausal Not Mad so have a limited diary of 1:1 availability but there are lots of ways I can help and I do love a community so never fear… help is here.

I am unable to respond to ad hoc requests for HRT guidance or other health advice via email or private message.