Home Blood Testing

Home Blood Testing

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Do You Need a Blood Test?

It’s sometimes useful to have a blood test to assess peri menopause under the age of 45 years or to assess any possible HRT absorption issues or check for other health issues such as thyroid function, iron levels or vitamin deficiencies.

With Medichecks, a doctor’s comments are usually included with the tests and your results with comments will usually be ready within a few days. (This is measured from the time your sample is received at the lab). If you do not require comments from a doctor then you can opt out.

*PLEASE NOTE: The female hormone test includes testosterone and free androgen index as well as oestradiol so is recommended if you are on HRT and looking to reassess your whole regime


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What Now?

Click the relevant testing link then after you receive your results you will be offered a call with a medical professional from the organisation, who will be able to advise further if necessary.

If you prefer a blood draw rather than a finger prick test at home then you are able to request and book this separately via the Medichecks site.

What Happens When I Book a Test?

All tests are posted out to your home address for you to carry out in your own home at a time to suit you. You will receive your results electronically within a few days.

*The process of taking blood for the test is not difficult, but for those with a fear of injections or blood, you may prefer to use the blood draw service.

Not Sure Which Test You Need?
Need More Guidance?

We are unable to offer individual advice via email or private message, outside of a consultation or review.

If you need guidance please post in the private group for a general comment or book a consultation for more individual advice.


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