Menopause Assessment Guidelines

Feb 5, 2023

The assessment and treatment of Peri and Post menopausal symptoms is still a big problem in many regions; not least because it was not mandatory for doctors to study menopause and HRT at medical school, or to attend any update training on such. (This was added to the medical school syllabus: 2022)

This is changing as a result of a lot of hard work and campaigning but it is so important for us to attend our doctor’s appointments with as much knowledge of what we need and want, as we possibly can.

You can access this via many routes including this website, the free facebook group or if you need some one to one guidance then that’s available too.

Click the following buttons to read the most up to date guidelines on how you should expect to be treated. 

N.I.C.E Guidelines

Professional Standards Policy

Menopausal Not Mad

Online Courses

1:1 Consultations

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HRT Supply Updates

HRT Supply Updates

You may know about the HRT supply issues of 2021/22 or you may not have been affected, but let me assure you that I and many people more important than me were not about to allow this to continue! I have been campaigning and educating on HRT (including supply issues)...

Testosterone for Women

Testosterone for Women

NHS Guidance April 2022 Women have 3 hormones to consider: Estrogen, Progesterone and also Testosterone. (not everyone knows about the third one!) Testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands in larger quantities than Estrogen, and it's a vital hormone....

META (Facebook) Selection and Support

META (Facebook) Selection and Support

We were so honoured that our HRT Facebook community was selected from thousands of applications worldwide, to be a valued member of the 2022/23 Community Accelerator programme! This was and still is a huge acknowledgement of the work we do and we continue to make the...

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