Menopausal Not Mad Recommendations

Blood Testing

It’s sometimes useful for women under the age of 45 years who are experiencing peri menopausal symptoms, to have a series of blood tests to check hormone fluctuations or for those on HRT, to assess any possible HRT absorption issues.

You may also need or want to assess other health issues such as thyroid function, iron levels or vitamin deficiencies.

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Here at Menopausal Not Mad we love HRT but we are also huge fans of adding in the right supplements when appropriate; which includes making sure you have the best targeted supplements for your needs, rather than a stack of random multi vitamins that will likely have more of the things you don’t need and not enough of what you do need!

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Nutrition - COMING SOON!

Of course eating the best food you can is important (you don’t need us to tell you that!) but we value simplicity and accessiblity so we do all the hard work for you and when you click the link you will see some of our favourite recipes and nutrition tips for eating well during peri and post menopause.

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So Soft and Cosy!… and ethically manufactured of course

Cyberjammies are an award winning nightwear brand of over 20 years
Just like Menopausal Not Mad, their small team achieves big things and has great ambition.

They are dedicated to being sustainable and ethical in everything they do; from super soft (they really are soft!)  sustainable fabrics to ensuring their factories produce the nightwear in the most ethical ways.

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Groceries Membership

Healthy, Discounted and Ethical! 

WellEasy is the UK’s healthiest online food club on a mission to make healthy living accessible and affordable. By directly partnering with top UK brands they cut out retail markups, passing the savings to you.

All the verified products you need in one place at much lower prices than the high street!

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Stay Cool and environmentally friendly!

Cool Embrace started with a husband who wanted to give his wife relief from her menopausal night sweats. His solution helped keep her cool all night, every night without the use of chemicals or any extra help and it didn’t cost the earth.

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Focus and Motivation

Brainzyme® FOCUS™ is a range of brain food supplements containing 100% plant-powered ingredients that have been scientifically proven to support concentration, cognition, energy, memory and mental performance.

I have used them since 2022 and find them really helpful when I need to focus hard on a task and really value their approach to community and the metal wellbeing charity ‘Mind’

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"My Busy Brain" E.Planner

When your brain is too random and cluttered to focus on a plan like everyone else seems to!…this uncomplicated downloadable planner will help you to do things your way!