Helpful Downloads

I do love a download! It’s so nice to have the information you need on your screen when you need it or even going old school with a printed version (please do remember the trees though)

So.. here are a few key downloads as my gift to you.

Useful Downloads

Do I need HRT?

This is possibly your main question right now as you ponder your assorted symptoms so, let me help you with that

Simple Facts about Hysterectomy

You could be having a hysterectomy for any number of reasons includng serious illness (cancer), excessive bleeding, large fibroids or PMDD.

Whatever your reason you’re probably nervous and feel unprepared.

Please feel free to download this simple guide.

I hope it helps x

Weight & Menopause

Many of us feel it becomes much more difficult to lose weight as we reach peri menopause. Apparently, peri menopause weight gain is not a thing according to some experts! (tell that to the thousands of women with a muffin top they didn’t have before!)

Here are a few tips to help you, and reasons why you’re in this situation!

Dealing with Anxiety

One of the most challenging symptoms of peri menopause is anxiety, so it’s important to make sure that you’re in control of your hormone health & overall mindset.

Did you know that anxiety is a totally normal reaction to an apparently threatening situation? and fighting it isn’t what we were built to do!

Bleeding & Menopause

It’s important to have any unexpected post menopausal checked (when your periods have stopped for a year or more).

There’s a bit more to that than the above sentence, so have a read of the free resource below for more useful tips.

The Historic Mistreatment of Peri Menopausal Women

My article from 2020 outlines how women have been treated over the years; just because they have hormones!

I’ll leave you to form your own opinion on all that you read.

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Caroline: (Client & Group member)

“My doctor was very happy with your recommendations.

She said I had clearly done my research. I told her I knew a brilliant lady who’d done it for me!”

Anonymous (2020)

“Contacting you was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Your help and knowledge have been invaluable. I am confident I will soon be back to my former self”

Lisa (2021)