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Apr 30, 2023

You may know about the HRT supply issues of 2021/22 or you may not have been affected, but let me assure you that I and many people more important than me were not about to allow this to continue!

I have been campaigning and educating on HRT (including supply issues) for many years so this problem is close to my heart.

Dr Susanna Unsworth is a menopause specialist GP, speciality breast clinic doctor and friend of Menopausal Not Mad. She is passionate about helping women to access the right HRT and hormone support.

During the most recent HRT shortages she said:

“Whilst I recognise there has been an increased demand for HRT in the last 12 months, I do not believe this is the only issue. Sadly HRT supply problems are not a new issue. As a GP, I remember struggling to support women with alternative HRT options over 3 years ago, when there was a severe shortage of patches. Why is this problem happening again? The delay in reducing the cost of NHS HRT prescriptions is also a factor. HRT can be very costly for women, especially if they require combined HRT, which attracts 2 prescription charges. Prescribing larger volumes of HRT on one prescription can help reduce this burden, and is something I would often do to help support my patients, but this is just adding to the supply issues. If women knew they would only pay one charge for the year, smaller prescription amounts could be prescribed allowing the supply to reach more women”

Dr S Unsworth – April 2022

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Testosterone for Women

Testosterone for Women

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Menopause Assessment Guidelines

Menopause Assessment Guidelines

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META (Facebook) Selection and Support

META (Facebook) Selection and Support

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