Histamine Intolerance and HRT

Mar 12, 2020

If you’re taking HRT and seem to be feeling worse even though you’ve done everything right; you may be struggling with:

Histamine Intolerance

I see a lot of women who assume they have a histamine intolerance as they start to feel worse again after a few weeks or months on HRT.

This is NOT a histamine intolerance. This is likely to be a dose adjustment need.

A true histamine intolerance will usually become clear as soon as you start introducing estrogen to your system and will manifest itself a bit like an allergy where you may feel really poorly including:

Headaches or migraines

Nasal congestion or sinus issues



Digestive issues

Irregular menstrual cycle



Histamine Intolerance (HIT) is however, not very common, but it is very poorly understood or acknowledged by the medical profession.

It does have implications for our hormonal health, and how we respond to the menopause and HRT

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Histamine Facts by Dr Tina Peers

Menopausal Not Mad

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