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Apr 5, 2020

Even with all the increased media publicity on menopause, It’s still a little known fact that HRT is more than just a remedy for hot flushes!

Not only does it help to relieve the 40+ symptoms of peri menopause, but it also offers added protection against Osteoporosis, Dementia, Heart Disease and many more life limiting health challenges.

One leading scientist suggested that the reason why more women seem to suffer from Alzheimer’s than men, (which was originally put down to women’s longer lifespans), is more about the dramatic reduction in estrogen during menopause.

(Estrogen is a hormone known to be anti inflammatory and to have a protective effect on brain cells).

It turns out menopause affects far more than our childbearing potential,” says Dr Lisa Mosconi, a neuroscientist at Weill Cornell Medicine, in the U.S. “Estrogen serves to protect the female brain from ageing and when levels decline, the brain becomes much more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s.”

The loss of estrogen around the menopause means that glucose metabolism in the brain, (its primary fuel), may be reduced by up to 25%,” says Dr Roberta Diaz Brinton, director of the Centre for Innovation in Brain Science at the University of Arizona.

That’s why some women find they are off their game mentally

Dr Hamoda, (Chair of the British Menopause Society) says: “We see many women struggling with a career they have managed to do well in for years, often due to brain fog brought on by the menopause

Peri menopause symptoms typically last for 7 years but for one woman in three they will last much longer (up to 12 years)

Key menopause specialists are adamant that HRT is safe, effective and overwhelmingly beneficial for women, from peri menopause and beyond.

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