Covid-19! – How can Estrogen help?

Feb 12, 2020

Covid-19 & Estrogen Protection!

HRT Research

First written: 12th February 2020

Estrogen appears to be offering added protection from the worst symptoms of Covid-19.

Early studies show that women on HRT and pre menopausal women are faring much better when becoming infected.

Many of us will already be completing an App on a daily basis, regarding our health and/or symptoms which was called ‘The Covid Tracker’

This has now been re named as Covid Symptom Study which you can download HERE if you want to help.

The reason for the name change was in response to confusion over the word ‘tracker’.

The App does not track you or your details. It purely tracks the virus and it’s behaviour.

This research is being carried out by a team of key experts in an unpaid capacity to help us gain a greater understanding of the way this virus is travelling around the world and how our bodies are reacting.

This latest research is so relevant to my cause and passion (hormones in women), that I had no choice but to be interested.

The following is a summary of my own takeaways from the above mentioned webinar/study.

*This is not to be considered medical advice and is based on my understanding of the information given.

Men & Covid-19

man worried

Women are already known to have a stronger resistance to viruses so the ‘man flu’ syndrome may not be as foolish as we think!

Estrogen receptors are attached to almost all our cells and provide immunity.

We already know that HRT offers that missing protection to menopausal women against osteoporosis, diabetes, dementia and heart disease but it now appears that estrogen is using it’s adaptive immunity skills to stop the cells in the lungs of Covid patients from over reacting, and therefore producing the often fatal response which clogs up the lungs with a sticky substance. (hence the horrific breathing problems)

 At the point of writing this; 70% of the ICU patients in the UK are men

 None of the U.S ICU patients were on HRT

 Tests on mice have shown that when estrogen levels were blocked the mice did not fare as well with the disease as those with estrogen.

In Wuhan; tests on women with low estrogen levels showed a more severe reaction to the disease

Although we have been shielding pregnant women, it appears that they may be one of the safest groups, as tests show the excess of hormones during pregnancy offers some good protection against the most severe symptoms and mortality is low.

Researchers: Dr Louise Newson and Professor Tim Spector

The HRT Connection

If you do use the App to report, you will now notice there were additional questions added to incorporate the estrogen elements.

In addition to testing women in this trial, there is also great interest in those men who are taking hormone therapy for diseases such as prostate cancer, and transsexual people who take hormones as part of their ongoing treatment.

I find this very interesting as it really will give a more rounded view of how estrogen helps everyone, rather than women only.

I am personally hopeful that this study will not only help the world to tackle the virus but also highlight the benefits of estrogen and dispel many of the untruths associated with HRT.

A mere 10-12% of peri and post menopausal women take HRT. This is mostly down to an unsubstantiated fear of breast cancer (that’s for another article!) but if we could get a sense of the reality on this topic, there would be (as a minimum benefit!), fewer people leaving the workforce early due to symptoms and less drain on NHS services

Every week I still hear from women who have been denied HRT by their doctor because:

“They’re too young”

“It’s just a natural phase”

“They’re still having periods”

“It will give them cancer”

And the list of untruths goes on!… So! what now?

If you would like help with your symptoms then you can find the services HERE

Jane Pangbourne: Women’s Health Practitioner 

Menopausal Not Mad

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Don’t worry. You’re in the right place now.

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