“My Busy Brain” E.Planner

When your brain is too random and cluttered to focus on a plan like everyone else seems to!…this uncomplicated downloadable planner will help you to do things your way!

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We love simple over here!

There is so much going on in our busy brains that sometimes it can seem overwhelming.

Do you find that your mind really doesn’t want to work in a structured way when you’re planning something?!

Do you find that you write notes purely to get them out of your brain, then it’s many months until you’re ready to look at them again? (if ever!)

Well over here we have managed to develop and grow a high quality, international support service with the ability to help millions of women worldwide, even with a busy and very cluttered mind.


Hi! My name is Jane Pangbourne and I’m the founder of Menopausal Not Mad.

I am undiagnosed with ADHD but have plenty of ADHD traits and have probably had these traits of inability to focus, plan or sit still for the whole of my life, but menopause really gets those ADHD traits jumping!

Anyhoo.. You may just have a busy and cluttered brain but either way, I have put this simple notebook/planner together for you to randomly plan in the way your mind most enjoys, and to do this in written format as pen and paper are so much better for your focus.

I don’t want you lose yourself in your screen.

The journey to my own planning success has been long and hard but this simple planner/notebook approach has really helped.

Jot down things as you think of them (this is key to the process as you don’t want to be having to remember that random thought that inspired you for a millisecond!).

This includes drawing pictures or planning in a pictorial manner (circles, lines, images)

At the end of every week (or month if that’s better) collate and disregard your thoughts on the relevant page as you see fit, and in future you only need to implement these pages whilst your random thoughts can remain random.

Enjoy it my random friend!

I see your success from here