The Menopause & HRT Course

Ultimate Menopause Health with Jane

NEW FOR 2024

After 30+ years working within the personal development, nutrition and adult training space, with over 6 years specialising in menopause and hormone replacement therapy; 2024 sees the culmination of everything I want you to know about being the healthiest human you can be for the whole of your peri and post menopausal life.

This new group is the latest in my suite of communities where I will cover a wide range of female health topics with community, facts and evidence at the heart of the group, alongside numerous support options.

Nothing is more important than your Wellness in 2024”

So what will we cover?

If it’s female health oriented then it’s in my line of sight!

As a qualified nutritionist, chef, women’s health practitioner and personal development expert, I cover a lot of the things we need to now but I also know some awesome experts in other areas who can offer more of everything you need, so in this latest in my suite of online communities you’ll have access to tools and resources that will help you to help yourself.

My job is making it easier for you to live your life and thrive in the process!