The Menopause & HRT Course

The HRT Educator Programme

Do you want to help women with their HRT and menopause queries?

Next programme starts early 2025. Please email to join the waiting list

Being part of the HRT expert guidance community is a unique and rewarding position to hold.

As HRT educators, we remove the confusion and fear around menopause and HRT for all our clients, by providing them with up to date information and recommendations to enable them to safely and easily manage their menopause, HRT regimes and medical appointments.

Do you want to offer a life changing service to women?

Of course it takes commitment and time to develop the skills and experience needed.

This programme is a huge part of that!

It’s such an important role and the rewarding feeling to help women to be the best they can be is priceless!

About the Programme

This is a 9 month programme. You will be interacting with your coach, Jane Pangbourne and your group, throughout the 9 months, to gain the most from the time and information.

If you’ve been peri or post menopausal for a while, it’s likely you already know the challenges that can face many women with their hormone health, and of course that’s our superpower over here.

Many of you reading this will want to help others in the same way you have been helped; with HRT and evidence based guidance.

If that’s you then this programme is your next step.

At Menopausal Not Mad we do a lot for women but we always need more dedicated and passionate HRT Educators out there in the world so that’s where you come in!

*Please note that this is NOT a menopause or HRT course for those wanting to learn about symptoms management or HRT. This is a professional programme.

If you would like a menopause programme please register for the Menopause Madness to Hormone Happiness course

What Will You Learn?

Here are some key things you will take from this programme..

You'll learn how to work safely and with integrity
You'll learn how to access the best HRT information
You'll learn if and when supplements can help too
You'll learn how to effectively guide and support each client
You'll learn how to stay on top of your own health when helping others

The HRT Educator Programme Modules

You can do the modules at your own pace and in your own time but you will need to attend or view a weekly 60-90 minute live Zoom session for the first 12 weeks to make the most of the teaching opportunity.

Here’s a very brief overview of the modules (The content is often moved around to accommodate group needs and questions)

Module 1: Background to Menopausal Not Mad|Our ethos | Integrity|Challenges
Module 2:How do you help your clients?| Setting boundaries
Module 3:HRT guidance: How do you do that?
Module 4: Effective and valid resources| Making the most of your consultations
Module 5: Integrity| How to run a high quality support clinic
Module 6: Case Studies & Planning your Practice

What do HRT Educator Students say…

“Really enjoying the HRT Educator course. It’s a good pace with bite size tasks to get into each week. Weekly zooms are facilitated brilliantly by Jane and there is a course FB group where we can help each other and share ideas”

“The support from Jane has helped me go from feeling really out of my depth at the start to feeling really excited about becoming an HRT Educator”

If you need some more info…
Drop us a line on

Throughout the programme, you’ll be supported and guided with resources and practical advice on how to make your HRT Education service, the best service for you and your clients.