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HRT & Menopause: FAQs

I am regularly asked a number of key questions in my role as a menopause and HRT educator, so I have put this list of short responses together to help you all on your HRT journey.


There are many thousands of questions asked in the groups every week so we have highlighted 5 of the most common ones with an easy to understand response below.

Am I too young to be peri menopausal?

Unlikely! You can become peri menopasual (when your hormones are declining and fluctutating) at any age post puberty as it is very much dependent on your genetics, hormone history, overall health, any medications you may be taking and many more factors.

Will HRT give me breast cancer?

All situations are individual but it is evidenced  in recent studies that there is no increased breast cancer risk when taking a good regulated body identical HRT.

Why do I feel so anxious all the time?

Most of our cells have an estrogen receptor attached to them so when we are low in estrogen, this can affect so many elements of our ability ot function. The brain is one of these which is why we feel foggy and confused too.

I was told I'm too old for HRT now

Although in older women over the age of 60 years, there may be fewer benefits to taking HRT; this doesn’t then mean there are more risks! You need to start on a low dose and be monitored as you settle in to a regime, but you can still benefit from replacing your hormones.

I've gone off sex!

This is very common as estrogen is one of the hormones that drives your libido (sex drive) so your desire usually improves as you become more hormonally balanced. You may also need to supplement your testosterone (yes women need testosterone too!) but this can wait a while as you settle into your HRT.

If you’re not sure what you need then drop us an email.

We can’t offer individual advice via email outside of a consultation but we can point you in the right direction.

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