Jane Pangbourne (Trading as Menopausal Not Mad ® – MNM) offers a menopause guidance & education service. Any guidance given should not be considered a replacement for medical advice.

All support and recommendations are evidence and fact based but some guidance includes case studies and experiential examples to support and elaborate on a point.

Jane Pangbourne continually updates her knowledge to ensure the support offered is based on the most up to date research and evidence; however; any guidance, advice or reports are only suggested solutions or pathways to solutions and in all cases, medical advice is recommended.

MNM only affiliates with products, services or associates whom we believe will provide value and genuine support. We only endorse products, services and associates we have personally used or have been highly recommended to us by a trusted source and therefore consider to be of the highest quality.

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Any associate educator/team member of Menopausal Not Mad is responsible for their own services and the follow up to such and should be considered a separate relationship from that with Menopausal Not Mad or Jane Pangbourne. However, we offer ongoing update training and support to all our associate educators to maintain our high quality of guidance and customer service.

If you are concerned about the service received please contact support@menopausalnotmad.co.uk.

If you require urgent medical advice, please contact your doctor or medical professional asap.