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The HRT Truth Collective

(Free Facebook Community)

The HRT Truth Collective is the free guidance arm of the services offered by Menopausal Not Mad.

We are a friendly group offering HRT guidance; with evidence and experience at the heart of all we do.

Our group was founded in 2020 and has been termed “The best group on Facebook” by many members.

If HRT is your challenge then this is the place to be!

*META Awarded (2022-23) for contributions to the global community

VIP Health with Jane

(Subscription Facebook Group)

Feeling rubbish?

Nobody listening to you?

So many confusing symptoms and health worries!

VIP Health with Jane is our most recent group for 2023; managed by Jane Pangbourne and her expert team at Menopausal Not Mad.

In this group you have access to a wide range of support and guidance, aside from HRT help and includes specific health chat opportunities and free downloads as well as a fabulous community of women in the same boat as you!

You will always receive fact based support and content around women’s health including menopause, with opportunity to speak directly to Jane for short live sessions.

Menopause Madness to Hormone Happiness

(8 week Online Menopause Course: Launching November 2023) 

What even is peri menopause?!

Are my symptoms normal?

Should I take HRT?

What else can I do to help myself feel better?

These are all very valid questions and here at Menopausal Not Mad, we have all asked the same questions at some point, and now we empower thousands of women across the world by removing the confusion and fear around menopause and HRT with up to date information to safely and easily manage menopause and HRT.

One of the ways we do this is via this no nonsense online course.

If you’re new to menopause and HRT, need some helpful guidance or need some further reassurance that you’re doing everything you can to feel your best, then this short course is right up your hormonal street!

The HRT (Professional) Educator Programme

Do YOU want to help women with their HRT and menopause queries?

Being part of the HRT expert guidance community is a unique and rewarding position to hold.

As HRT educators, we remove the confusion and fear around menopause and HRT for all our clients, by providing them with up to date information and recommendations to enable them to safely and easily manage their menopause, HRT regimes and medical appointments.

Menopausal Not Mad educators offer an often life changing service for so many women but of course it takes commitment to develop the skills and experience needed.

This programme is a huge step forward for our cause!

It’s such an important role and the rewarding feeling of helping women to be the best they can be is quite simply fabulous.

Maybe that sounds like something you want to know more about?

The current programme is now closed but you can sign up to the waiting list for February 2024 on the button below.


Sometimes you just need some one to one guidance and the opportunity to speak to an expert who will listen and offer you a plan.

We are very experienced in this area and have clients all over the world who come back to us again and again when they need some reassurance or a new plan. 

You know where we are when you need us.

Free HRT & Menopause!

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